Al, President and lead strategist at aasman, sweeps away the winter mess.

For the second year in a row the City of Whitehorse promoted its '20 Minute Makeover' garbage clean-up concept to residents and businesses of the wilderness city. Donning blue latex gloves and the knowledge it would only last 20 minutes, the aasman team took to the streets around our 4th avenue location to battle an entire winter's worth of urban litter.

Top finds? We, of course, kept track:

  1. A ceramic coffee mug, smashed and in pieces over a 10 foot radius
  2. Cigarette butts, everywhere.
  3. Bacardi Breezer bottle
  4. Reese Peanut Butter Cup package, empty :(
  5. A surprising number of used latex gloves

What started as a bit of a pain in the butt ended up being a great chance for staff to get outside, grab some fresh air on a sunny morning, and help clean-up our little corner of the city.

Below are some of our top action shots courtesy of Nicolas Dory, sorry Nico, these probably won't make the National Geographic cut.

the aasman team inspects what

Not much we can do about the colourful graffiti.



by Eleanor

Nice post Neil, it was a little fun. I love the unhappy face by the empty reese peanut butter cup packaging!

Wish we’d seen more folks out on the streets doing the big spring cleaning.


by Don

BTW it’s donning your blue latex gloves, not dawning.


by Eleanor

well it was till morning! and blue skies too ;)


by Eleanor

ehem, still…. still morning. oh typos!


by Neil

Don, i’ve got egg on my face, thanks for catching the typo! Fixed now.


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