In no particular order, here's what i'll be paying close attention to from a communications standpoint in 2013.

1) The rise of Yukon mobile

Obvious? Yes. At aasman we've built and manage some of Yukon's largest and most trafficked websites. We saw dramatic mobile browsing growth in 2012 and expect this trend to continue in 2013. We've used accessible local data to confirm what global markets have been saying for a number of years. If your company or organization has been putting off the mobile discussion, our bet is you'll be finding time for it in 2013.

2) YG and Social Media

This relationship is in its infantcy and 2013 will be a bumpy road. Yukoners are abnormally high social media (especially facebook) users and this will continue in 2013. What that means for governments and the communication teams in each YG department remains more than a little "up in the air." The problem? In many respects (there are some outliers from progressive communicators) the YG has approached interactive media as another medium for press releases. That doesn't mesh well with an audience that expects discussion, debate and interaction. 

3) Information versus Communication

In the eyes of many communication managers and directors, design and writing have become a commodity, something to be completed by the lowest bidder. Balancing the demands of smaller budgets with the communication objectives each company, organization or department might have will become more difficult in 2013. Companies like ours will have to focus more than ever on articulating the value of spending more time and resources at the outset of a project to acheive measureably stronger outcomes at project completion. We'll also need to become more adept at understanding when a client wants only our studio to execute their vision rather than having our strategists shape that vision independently.

4) Digital Ad Optimization

It costs less money to place a google ad than a Whitehorse Star ad. Period.

The Yukoners who see digital advertising not as a way to save money but a way to place, measure, tweak and replace their ads will be communication superheroes in 2013. Understanding all the analytics, what they mean and how they can be used to tweak existing ad spots or create new more effective ones will be the objective.

What are you watching for in 2013? What did we miss about this new year? Let us know in the comments section.

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by Bruce Stephen

You have missed the most obvious trend for
2013 .. The incredible increase in communication
via the newest and most dynamic social media tool
.. The Boastcard. Look for thousands of Yukon
Tourists to say “hello” to their friends and loved
ones from various parts of the Territory in 2013.
Oh yes it’s happening so don’t miss it.

Oh yes it’s coming so don’t miss it.


by Margriet Aasman

...did you just slip in a promotion for something here Bruce, and are just hopeful it becomes a trend?


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