I'm @yukonneil on twitter. 

It was brought to my attention recently that I was about to make my 500th tweet.

Really? 500 I thought? I couldn't possibly have had enough useful twitterwarranting things to say. (Yeah, I made that word up.)

So I took a look and wasn't happy.

There are two basic types of Tweeters. The content creators and the lurkers. Content creators are extroverted by nature, tweeting pictures of the sunset, their lunch and what a dog looks like after a walk. They have actual conversations with others and are always sharing (hopefully) interesting links and ideas. Creators use twitter to network, get inspired and learn.

The lurkers are a different lot entirely. They have fewer followers because they simply don't tweet as often. They have a long list of people they enjoy following, using twitter as an aggregator of information they care about. 

I don't want to be either.

To my mind, it's impossible to create enough interesting, insightful or relevant things to be tweeting on a daily basis. There are more than enough tweeters out there sharing the same links, I don't need to be one of them. Having said that, I like to contribute to any community i'm a part of so I don't want to become a lurker either.

So here's my plan. For the foreseeable future I will only tweet my own ideas and concepts. No more re-tweeting or random statements about nothing. Just quality insights that likeminded individuals might find interesting or useful.

It should take a lot longer, but here's to the next 500 tweets.


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