BuzzFeed lists: from cute cats to supreme court nominees, with a little advertising thrown in

by Alex Hill is a self-described “social news” website that you have most likely encountered on your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter stream at one point or another, or if you are like me, many times throughout the day. The site, founded in 2006, is famous for its lists, from “The Most Important…

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06.23.2014 2 comments

World Cup History in Logos

by Eleanor

The game is on once again! A new set of soccer teams, a new host country, and a new set of graphics. People everywhere are asking, "Which team do you support?" Today I'm asking, "Which graphics do you support?" Below are the World Cup logos dating back to 1982—the year…

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by Kristen

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are sure to know about the explosion of “pinning” through Pinterest. I had been avoiding the site like the plague, but after seeing numerous friends pins coming up on my Facebook feed day in and day out, I thought I’d take…

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It’s complicated… Branding Research Can Help

by Steve

You’re jealous… Your significant other has just left for another weekend away with his mistress: her name is Wrangler and she’s made by Jeep. It’s ok though, you’re going to make him pay for his wayward ways by rekindling one of your old flames by the name of Giorgio Armani.…

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Work Industry

06.10.2014 2 comments

Snap Chat Challenge wins International Award

by Neil Stephen

Remember that Snap Chat Challenge we told you about a few months ago? Well, we’re proud to announce that we won the 2014 Hermes Creative Platinum award in the Social media Game/Contest category for that innovative idea! The client? Mic Mac Mall - an institution in Atlantic Canada’s retail market. The…

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by Alex Hill

Many of you have undoubtedly already read about the tragic shooting in Isla Vista California on May 23rd. While I won’t rehash the details here, for this post it is important to note that the day started with a bizarre video uploaded to Youtube, detailing a revenge plot against women…

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Working remotely: a semester in review

by Eleanor

I just finished year one of my Strategic Design and Management Masters in New York. I'm also working at Aasman Brand Communications in Whitehorse. And I'm living in Vancouver. Say what? That's right—I function in three places at once right now! The virtual office, remote work, telecommuting—call it what you will—is a…

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More than Hacks

by Kristen

What do healthcare professionals, programmers and designers have in common? The answer: HackingHealth North. Over the weekend I participated in this absolutely wonderful event. HackingHealth North was designed to mix hackers with healthcare professionals who have a deep understanding of problems that need to be solved in their industry. Through…

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05.07.2014 3 comments

Just a bunch o’ garbage pickers

by Krysten

Another spring, another spring cleanup! Although aasman has been participating in the annual Cleaning Whitehorse event for years, this was my first time participating in the initiative organized by The City of Whitehorse -- Community Events. I was very impressed that our entire office was eager to pitch in and…

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