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TGIF Round Up

by Jennifer Wiebe

It’s Friday! A time when we present our weekly gathering of links that we found interesting, educational, or just plain awesome. A great use of video footage (Neil’s choice) Lennon and Maisy - a creative way to use butter containers (from Kristen) Just for laughs. Guy jumps into frozen pool…

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When companies nail it

by Neil Stephen

Sometime companies just nail their brand. The world is full of inauthentic brands and painful advertising goes right along with them, sadly. It’s just a fact of life. As brand communicators it can drive us crazy. When we see a local business perfectly articulate their brand, we want to scream…

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11.20.2012 2 comments

The Artist’s Duty

by Eleanor

I heard this great quote in Patti Smith's novel Just Kids: "The artist's duty is to balance mystical communication with the labour of creation". It really spoke to me, especially when I think about brand work. At the end of weeks of analysis, exploring options and labouring over word choices,…

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11.07.2012 1 comment

Students at Work

by Mark Rutledge

Today we had the pleasure of hosting a grade 10 student from École Émilie-Treblay. The students as part of their curriculum are tasked at looking for possible career options and to research fields they find interesting. Patrick has an interest in technology and in the arts. He heard that Aasman…

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10.29.2012 6 comments

How to win friends and influence people…

by Eleanor

… that's not our goal here at aasman, but we do like chewing the fat with you. So it seems fitting to ask you what kind of talk gets you jazzed. We're auditing our own blog as we work on a strategy for it and Dale Carnegie's advice to 'talk…

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Stomach steinway

by Eleanor

Thanks to everyone who invented a new name for the accordion! Andrea McColeman won two tickets for Alexander Sevastian last Saturday by giving the accordion a new name: the Stomach Steinway. The show itself was not hard to stomach, it was awesome! That man's hands were faster than hummingbirds' wings…

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10.19.2012 4 comments

The awards just keep piling up

by Mark Rutledge

for our resident web developer and nature photographer, Nicolas Dory. You might not know this, but he is an award-winning photographer. When he's not working at aasman he loves to spend hours outdoors in search of the perfect photo. It's been a banner year for Nico, just coming off several…

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10.15.2012 2 comments

Name that accordion contest!

by Eleanor

Win two tickets for next Saturday to see Alexander Sevastian—three-time winner of the International Accordion Competition. Winner of Norway’s Oslofjord Accordion Competition, The Cup of the North in Russia, and the Anthony Galla-Rini Accordion Competition in the U.S.! How do you win tickets? If you could rename the accordion,…

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10.12.2012 4 comments

Heather’s First Press Check

by Heather Lang

So, you went on your first press-check. What is that? What were you checking? From my first experience and in my simplistic words, the press-check is the last proofing stage before a publication gets finally printed. This is where we make sure that all the colours are up to par…

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