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Stomach steinway

by Eleanor

Thanks to everyone who invented a new name for the accordion! Andrea McColeman won two tickets for Alexander Sevastian last Saturday by giving the accordion a new name: the Stomach Steinway. The show itself was not hard to stomach, it was awesome! That man's hands were faster than hummingbirds' wings…

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10.19.2012 4 comments

The awards just keep piling up

by Mark Rutledge

for our resident web developer and nature photographer, Nicolas Dory. You might not know this, but he is an award-winning photographer. When he's not working at aasman he loves to spend hours outdoors in search of the perfect photo. It's been a banner year for Nico, just coming off several…

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10.15.2012 2 comments

Name that accordion contest!

by Eleanor

Win two tickets for next Saturday to see Alexander Sevastian—three-time winner of the International Accordion Competition. Winner of Norway’s Oslofjord Accordion Competition, The Cup of the North in Russia, and the Anthony Galla-Rini Accordion Competition in the U.S.! How do you win tickets? If you could rename the accordion,…

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10.12.2012 4 comments

Heather’s First Press Check

by Heather Lang

So, you went on your first press-check. What is that? What were you checking? From my first experience and in my simplistic words, the press-check is the last proofing stage before a publication gets finally printed. This is where we make sure that all the colours are up to par…

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So you want—your baby—to be a rock ‘n roll star?

by Eleanor

You're stuffed, lethargic and ready for some alone time—happy thanksgiving! I think you'll agree that food and family are the focus of many folk's thanksgiving. So here's a fun little ad that combines both. Cute warning: it features babies in a recording studio. What's interesting about the commercial is that…

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10.03.2012 2 comments

New York is crazy!

by Eleanor

I was in New York last week and it was awesome, obviously, but this is a blog about communications, so I only want to share with you some really crazy advertising I saw. No, it wasn't Times Square where I pity anyone who may arrive not previously knowing of an…

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10.01.2012 1 comment

No logo, no branding… but will it work?

by Kristen

Well it would seem that whilst Australia may be behind the curve on some issues, cigarette advertising is not one of them. The high-court back home has upheld a ruling that is going to make all cigarette packaging blank… that’s right, no logos, no enticing colours, just images of the…

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09.28.2012 2 comments

thank you

by Jennifer Solomon

It's been really heart-warming and not at all surprising to read the multitude of comments on Al's blog post. Everyone at aasman is thankful for the kind words, thoughts and gestures. Trevor will be missed by many. I did a bit of digging in our blog archive and found this…

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and the winner is. . .

by Jennifer Solomon

Thanks to everyone who entered our "What Was Your First Concert?" contest. We received quite a few entries and a lot of great stories. However, only one could be chosen (randomly): Collyn Lovelace! This one's for you, Collyn. Happy Friday everybody.

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