09.25.2012 9 comments

what was your first concert? contest

by Jennifer Solomon

It's that time of the year again! Whitehorse Concerts kicks off the season this Saturday night. Tell us what your first concert was and you're entered to win two tickets to the show. It doesn't have to be classical—my first concert was Poison, with Skid Row as the opening band.…

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09.20.2012 3 comments


by Neil Stephen

It’s 11:30pm, things go dark. Power’s out. First step — call my wife. Check that— she’s already calling me. Power’s out at home too? Ok. Hmmm, interesting, wonder how big this is. Smartphone out, Facebook open, nothing. Next stop, Twitter. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. I breeze through eight or…

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09.19.2012 3 comments

Putting Footy in your Facestalk

by Kristen

I am most definitely a child of the social media generation. I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t connected through the internet. It can be hard being away from friends and family and this instant-way-to-keep-up-to-date helps bridge the great divide. Over the past weekend this instant connection became even…

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09.17.2012 2 comments

Tweeting a Yukon Pub Crawl

by Eleanor

Saturday marked the first time I used Twitter from a roaming event I was at. It was a pub crawl (or as it was called on Twitter #horsecrawl) and as one might expect, it went a little off schedule. But rather than stressing about being in a different place than…

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09.13.2012 4 comments

Why should someone love Whitehorse?

by Eleanor

Why is it so difficult to write blog posts in the summer in the north? Lots of reasons. I want to get your thoughts on that in a moment. It's Autumn now and my fingers are feeling more inspired to write about branding—must be the cooler weather (?) The shift…

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08.15.2012 1 comment

LEGO Nostalgia

by Mark Rutledge

Hooray, it's LEGO's 80th birthday! Let's have some cake! As LEGO celebrates this milestone, I can't help but reflect on my childhood and how much fun I had. I find myself comparing what has changed since then. With LEGO venturing forth into the video game and television markets and the…

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07.30.2012 6 comments


by Neil Stephen

It’s fair to say the flashy CTV Olympic studios and young hosts certainly helped bring a new energy to those 2010 Vancouver Olympics. As a nation we were so engulfed in the medal chase that we collectively ignored the overplayed "Believe" anthem, clearly hooked to the patriotic IV. The broadcasting…

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07.18.2012 3 comments

Shooting your own staff, in secret

by Eleanor

Speaking of newbies, we finally shot Kristen…. meaning, we had photographer Christian Kuntz in to make it official. Now that she's been here for almost four months, she's feeling more comfortable and ready to reveal in an exclusive aasman interview: 10-things-you-probably-don't-know-about-me. Did you know that Kristen: 1. grew up on…

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07.10.2012 leave a comment

the newest aasmanite

by Jennifer Solomon

Baby wild cats are cute, aren't they? Anyway, we've got some new blood in the aasman office—Jen Wiebe, media buyer/administrative assistant extraordinaire. Jen's a recent transplant from Langley, B.C.—we hope the less-than-stellar Whitehorse weather this summer isn't going to scare her away. Get to know a bit about Jen through…

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