08.15.2012 1 comment

LEGO Nostalgia

by Mark Rutledge

Hooray, it's LEGO's 80th birthday! Let's have some cake! As LEGO celebrates this milestone, I can't help but reflect on my childhood and how much fun I had. I find myself comparing what has changed since then. With LEGO venturing forth into the video game and television markets and the…

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07.30.2012 6 comments


by Neil Stephen

It’s fair to say the flashy CTV Olympic studios and young hosts certainly helped bring a new energy to those 2010 Vancouver Olympics. As a nation we were so engulfed in the medal chase that we collectively ignored the overplayed "Believe" anthem, clearly hooked to the patriotic IV. The broadcasting…

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07.18.2012 3 comments

Shooting your own staff, in secret

by Eleanor

Speaking of newbies, we finally shot Kristen…. meaning, we had photographer Christian Kuntz in to make it official. Now that she's been here for almost four months, she's feeling more comfortable and ready to reveal in an exclusive aasman interview: 10-things-you-probably-don't-know-about-me. Did you know that Kristen: 1. grew up on…

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07.10.2012 leave a comment

the newest aasmanite

by Jennifer Solomon

Baby wild cats are cute, aren't they? Anyway, we've got some new blood in the aasman office—Jen Wiebe, media buyer/administrative assistant extraordinaire. Jen's a recent transplant from Langley, B.C.—we hope the less-than-stellar Whitehorse weather this summer isn't going to scare her away. Get to know a bit about Jen through…

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07.06.2012 leave a comment


by Mark Rutledge

TGIF, that is all. Oh and we have some interesting links for your reading and viewing pleasure. Time travel: Filmmaker and artist, Jeremiah McDonald shows us what it would be like to ‘travel’ back in time and talk to the younger version of ourselves. Illustration: Improve Your Design Through Drawing:…

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07.04.2012 leave a comment

keep it simple

by Al

When it comes to our core business, brand clarification, our overriding strategy is: simplification –> clarification –> amplification. Or in other words: relentlessly reduce all brand data to its essence, use clear and resonant language to position the brand in an actionable way, then communicate it accordingly. Well, it turns out that simplification…

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06.25.2012 leave a comment

it all starts with an idea

by Stephanie Micus

Guest blogger, Stephanie Micus*, contemplates the power of ideas. Idea. The word conjures up several images to different people. Various dictionary definitions use words such as opinion, principle, plan, scheme and notion. We all know that an idea is the result of mental activity, and that we usually arrive at…

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06.22.2012 leave a comment

the stuff we’re looking at when we’re supposed to be working

by Jennifer Solomon

Well, look at this. It's Friday again. Here's the icing on top of your week—a few interesting, informative and potentially inspiring things to look at during the mid-afternoon slump. Corey was looking at a minimalist, space-saving computer desk. Kristen alerted us to a new anti-smoking public service ad out…

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06.19.2012 1 comment

Whitehorse: Vote in the Design Duel Winner!

by Eleanor

Last week was the final face-off for Brave New Works' series of battles between designers. Like a game of tennis, each designer starts with an image, manipulates it for 15 minutes and then sends it back to the other designer. WAM! Woosh! The next designer then alters that image to…

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