06.14.2012 2 comments

Are Promoted Facebook Posts Evil?

by Neil Stephen

Facebook recently introduced "Promoted Posts," a feature that allows fan pages to pay for an extended distribution of their status updates to page fans. There are plenty of places to get a breakdown of what this is but we suggest you start with this really awkward FB webinar on the…

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wow…. sooo coool (for type lovers & crafts people)

by Eleanor

Every now and then you come across something that is "wow.... sooooo cooool." Handmade Type by Tien-Min Liao is a project like that. Handmade Type from Tien-Min Liao on Vimeo. It's a project that explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and records the transformation between them using…

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link dump! (or, the stuff we’re looking at when we’re supposed to be working.)

by Mark Rutledge

Hooray it's Friday! Here at aasman we love and live in the digital world. Some of us spend a bit of time each day crawling the web, while others have an obsession with it (not me!). Today, we are introducing our NEW weekly link dump—a snippet of what caught our…

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GoMedia at the 98 Hotel Bar

by Kristen

It’s interesting how places are perceived, well not just places; people, objects the list could go on and on. Everything has a brand of sorts—even you and I—how we are viewed by the world. Sometimes it's only when a new person comes along that you truly get an accurate view.…

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06.07.2012 3 comments

Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard

by Eleanor

This looks potentially a little tricky to use, but amazing none the less. What do you think? Will it take off? For only $70? Is it even real? http://live.leapmotion.com/

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05.24.2012 3 comments

Walking the tightrope, Yukon style

by Kristen

Balance; a state of equilibrium. It's something that we all desperately want; being able to balance our work, life, family and friends, and to give each part equal weight. It's the same in branding and communication. Finding the right balance can be tricky. It's a process where every decision is…

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05.14.2012 6 comments

an extra manly mother’s day

by Jennifer Solomon

Whether you're a mother or not, I think we can all agree that parenting is a tough job and moms (and dads and guardians, legal or otherwise) should be celebrated in one way or another. So moms, your big day was yesterday, and that's it for celebrating you until next…

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05.09.2012 3 comments

There’s a new president at aasman!

by Eleanor

… well sort of. We don't have a president within aasman, but our creative writer, Jen Solomon, is the new President of the Frostbite Music Society! Congratulations Jen. It seems like a good time to ask her a few questions about her new position. ER: So Jen, how does…

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20 Minute Makeover TODAY!

by Eleanor

Tell your boss, make an announcement on the intercom, get your latex gloves out of the first aid box, and take an extra 20 minute break to pick up trash outside. It's a sunny day! At aasman we even made it a conversation about branding. Last year the people of…

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