Don’t forget the bun

by Steve

I had a sandwich the other day. It was delicious… mostly. The sauce, toppings and spices all worked together and made me crave the next bite — I won’t be buying it again. Why you ask? Well, despite the great flavor, it came on a plain ol’ hamburger bun that…

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12.01.2016 1 comment

Meet Mike

by Krysten

We’ve got a fresh new face in the office! So, as is our tradition, we set out to discover more about our latest addition (hey, that rhymes!), and share with you our findings. So, without further adieu – meet Mike Gravitis, aasman’s newest account manager. KJ: So Mike, how long have…

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11.24.2016 leave a comment

inCharge unplugged

by Rona

inCharge has been busy of late with a new ad campaign, new website, and point-of-purchase rebate materials. We interviewed our fantastic partners on the job — Janet Patterson (Communications Manager at Yukon Energy) and Stephanie Whitehead (Energy Conservation Advisor) to get their take on all the latest happenings. RA: You’ve…

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speak now or forever pay the price

by Krysten

What ever happened to Pokemon Go? It was just this past summer...Yukoners wandering Whitehorse like zombies, staring into their phones, gathering in hoards at this or that location, desperate to collect that next … what was it? Pokeball? Who knows. All I know is that before I could jump on board,…

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get to the core, sell your apple

by Steve

Compelling communication is like an apple. It’s got a shiny red exterior to attract attention, tasty and nutritious pulp to sink your teeth into, and a seed core that holds the DNA— the essence of being an apple. At aasman, we see communications projects as apples. We get to our client’s…

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Case Study: Branding for a Bakery

by Eleanor

Last month, Steve wrote a post about the three key stages of branding. This month we want to showcase how one small business has taken the process to heart and how their clientele are responding. Dutch Delicious is a bakery and European grocer in Edmonton. After seeing the branding work we…

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6 tips to better body language

by Krysten

You’ve probably heard it before, but it bears repeating. Research shows that only seven percent of communication is based on the actual words we say. That leaves 93 percent of our communication to the tone of our voice and our body language. Meaning, in many cases, how we communicate is…

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A brand’s work is never done

by Steve

There’s a prevalent myth out there in the marketing world that branding is the creation of some combination of a logo, slogan and colours. While certainly each is an expression of a brand, branding is so much more. Branding is an ongoing activity with three key stages. Stage 1 –…

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07.26.2016 5 comments

10 things you need to know about Zeke

by Krysten

Most of our Director of Digital Strategy’s time is spent locked in his office, masterfully developing complex web codes while fighting off pesky A-level bugs. It’s his happy place — so who can blame him? However, it also means there is much you likely don’t know about “Zeke the Geek” ……

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