Top Super Bowl Ads

by Eleanor

In case you missed the game yesterday – or if you're like me and you take your breaks during the football while being glued to the commercials — and you missed a few, Business Insider has helped us out by listing their top five Super Bowl commercials. Below are two…

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A Sima for all Seasons

by Rona

For years, one of our annual traditions at aasman has been a trip to our local hill for Staff Ski Day. It’s built into our calendar year for the sole purpose of having fun. Sima delivers every year—short waits for comfy lifts, black runs for adrenaline chasers, Hailey’s and Pokey…

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10 Tips to Write Right

by Krysten

Recently these helpful tips popped up in my LinkedIn feed from ad agency Ogilvy and Mather. It outlines late founder David Ogilvy’s 10 tips on how to write. His tips are in bold. You’ll see I’ve added my own two cents as well. 1. Read the Roman-Raphaelson book on writing.…

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Work Aasman

01.05.2016 2 comments

aasome highlights of 2015

by Eleanor

2015 was an eventful year for us. Having recently turned the mature age of 25 years old we celebrated the whole year... because that’s the mature thing to do. Aside from recognizing ourselves, Hermes Creative awarded us two medals for our work in Nova Scotia with Alianco and Oulton Collage. We met new clients…

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12.21.2015 1 comment

She’s gone down unda

by Krysten

Our favourite resident Aussie has left us for love (after a brief sojourn with the family). Thankfully, her fellow lives just down the road from us in Haines, so at least she won’t be too far away! Things we will miss most about Kristen are: Her accent. Even though I had…

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7 tips to make time for marketing

by Steve

“I’m too busy running my business to think about marketing… Social media, a new website—I don’t have time for that.” Sound familiar? It’s the all-too-common refrain from small businesses owners everywhere. But here’s the thing—you already ARE marketing to your audience, and the message is “we don’t have much time…

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Santa Brand

by Al

Margriet passed this url on to me and I loved it at first click. The *Santa* Brand Book cocks a snoot at pretentious branding. It’s a poke in the eye to self-absorbed brands. It’s just very, very funny. And it’s a cautionary tale for branding in general: stray too far…

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So many browser windows, so little time

by Krysten

Ok, be honest. How many of you have slapped “excellent time management skills” on to your resume? Here’s the real question. How many of you truly elicit these skills? I’ve always thought of myself as one of those efficient, well-organized, productive types. But it occurred to me the other day…

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11.06.2015 leave a comment

Spec Work

by Al

The advertising, graphic design and related industries have always had a love-hate relationship with “spec work.” The term refers to creating free work in order to win real work — in other words, it’s speculative. It can be part of a pitch process in which the prospective client asks to…

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