06.16.2015 6 comments

We always knew she was a Master!

by Alex Hill

Now she has the paper to prove it! Big congratulations are in order for our Creative Strategist and long-time aasmanite, Eleanor, who has just graduated from her Master's program! We are very proud of her and wanted to take this opportunity to ask her a few questions about her grad…

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CO safety with a smile

by Alex Hill

How do you convey the serious nature of carbon monoxide poisoning in a simple way, to any audience who hasn’t been listening? You put a smiling face behind it. This was the idea behind the latest phase in the Fuel-Burning Appliance Safety Campaign. With the Yukon Housing Corporation, we have…

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05.26.2015 1 comment

This one’s for the ladies

by Krysten

Let me just say this. Lululemon is all kinds of brand smart. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m in downtown Vancouver for the first time. Naturally, my first stop is the infamous Robson Street. My eye is quickly drawn to a sign with that big red circle and white horseshoe most…

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05.13.2015 5 comments

Aasman Wins Big in Atlantic Canada

by Alex Hill

For the second year in a row, we are honoured to have our work in Atlantic Canada recognized by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals with two Hermes Creative Awards for 2015. Our Be the Same Person campaign with Alianco took home gold honours in the magazine category, while…

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04.22.2015 1 comment

Responding to Responsivity

by Steve

Spring’s here and you’ve got some time to kill in the waiting room so you pull out your phone and start browsing around for some new clothes. You access your favourite store’s site but you have to squint to see the item you’re looking for. You zoom in and end…

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04.08.2015 leave a comment

Can your brand handle catastrophe?

by Al

Steve and I travelled to Edmonton a few weeks ago to conduct a brand workshop with BlackStone Mechanical Inc. Recent efforts to consolidate ownership and tighten the service focus, had management asking themselves broader questions about where they were going, how they were going to get there, who to tell…

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03.26.2015 leave a comment

Be Creative! Like, now!

by Rona

If you work in the world of brand marketing, you know that voice. It accompanies that all-too-familiar tight—some might say impossible—deadline. The one that can be identified by a gentle scream in your brain, shouting useful things like “You have exactly one hour to shatter the earth with your creative…

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You ARE Your Brand

by Steve

If you listen to country music long enough, you’ll come to realize that there’s a song about just about everything (Trace Adkins even sings a song about that). Lately I’ve felt a lot like Kurt in Brad Paisley’s “Famous People.” The song’s all about how in small towns, when anything…

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Our 1 man of 100 Men Who Give a Damn

by Eleanor

This morning our very own Neil Stephen was on television promoting 100 Men Who Give a Damn Halifax — a group of over 300 guys who make a big impact with Halifax charities using as little red tape as possible. They also happen to be a client that aasman has…

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