CO Detector Strikes Again!

by Krysten

Did you read this happy Monday morning news story? A couple from Dawson City is convinced their lives were saved when their carbon monoxide detector awakened them earlier this month. In addition to the detector they say they have the Dawson City Fire Department to thank. Last year, the fire…

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Yukon for sale!

by Eleanor

I’ve been telling my friends how amazing the Yukon is for years but hardly anyone comes to visit! It’s hard for people down south to transcend stereotypes of the cold rugged north enough to book a trip. You and I know that once you get here it’s unforgettable, but getting…

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01.07.2015 1 comment

Reflecting on 2014

by Krysten

It’s hard to believe that a new year is upon us already, but what a year 2014 was for aasman! We started the year off with a bang when we won a Frozen Globe award for most Innovative Business north of 60. We followed that up with a Platinum award:…

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Merry Christmas from Aasman

by Margriet

It must be Christmas in the Yukon. The sky outside is still dark, but the town is bright and festive with a particularly brilliant showing of lights this year. Our office has more decorations than employees, as aasmanites begin their travels near and far to be with loved ones this…

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New leap for Sima

by Nicolas

Most of the crew here at aasman enjoy the snow, we’re Yukoners after all. If there’s an opportunity to ride, we’re in! And aasman’s next generation is already keen to join in on the fun. So when our friends from the local hill asked for some help with refreshing new…

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Feeling emotional?

by Steve

Self-expression, personality, relationships, communities: collectively these concepts form the foundation of how we live and interact with the world. As my previous four blog posts have demonstrated (Need a refresher? Find them here 1, 2, 3, 4) brands are often at the centre of each. These concepts get to the core…

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aasome new site for aasman

by Eleanor

Aasman just turned 25. Celebrations for our anniversary have been dominating life in the office, but even so we’ve had time to work on a couple of new projects that we are excited to tell you about. The first is that we’ve opened an Instagram account. Ever wonder what it…

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Work Aasman

11.20.2014 3 comments

Name that designer: answers revealed

by Eleanor

Have you visited our 25th anniversary art show at Baked Cafe yet? Please do—we’re very proud of it and it’s only up until December 12. Here’s a little exposé on one of the pieces. It was created from seven seasons of artwork created for Whitehorse Concerts, who we’ve been sponsoring…

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11.14.2014 4 comments

Aasman celebrates 25 years

by Alex Hill

Aasman is 25! We think that is a fine reason for a party, so last night, with the help of friends, colleagues and clients, we celebrated our silver anniversary with a Business After Hours and Art show! The event was held at Baked Café and co-hosted by the Whitehorse Chamber…

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