The Aasman tean greeted me with this ice cream cake for my Birthday, an ice cream induced head ache soon followed.

I have a secret. Saturday was my birthday.

Last year my birthday led to an e-mail tsunami courtesy of Facebook, amassing some 125+ birthday greetings posted to my wall. Yes, folks cared enough to write. No, most of them aren’t my friends.

So, I made some Facebook changes prior to Birthday 2011:

  • Changed my birth date to one that's already passed
  • Altered my birthday setting to private
  • Adjusted my display picture to a photo of an unknown male

The results?

32 Birthday greetings (A 75% decrease over 2010), 85% of which came from true friends who know me well.

That's what i'm looking for in a social network, real and meaningful interaction.

What are you looking for?


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by Doug Brown

Great observation Neil. I don’t think most people have a clearly thought-out strategy when they engage in social media spaces…they just wing it. Eventually experience changes the way think about the platform and use it.

Real and meaningful may differ for the personal and professional…that’s where the wire-crossing becomes tricky for me. 

Personally, I don’t want 125 “Happy Birthday” messages because that’s a lot of responding I have to do. ;)

Belated birthday wishes!


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