"Whitehorse is an incubator for the arts," a friend told me a few months ago before moving south to pursue the next stage of his career. I've repeated the metaphor a dozen times since and feel it's appropriate to do so here as well.

I (Eleanor Rosenberg, graphic designer in the aasman creative studio) have recently been invited to exhibit my illustration work at a gallery in North Vancouver. The exhibit is a group show of 20 artists who participated in the Artists for Kids program, which is celebrating its 20th year of existence. I spent three weeks over three summers in a place called "Paradise Valley" near Brackendale, BC. Like the Yukon, it's surrounded by natural beauty and an accompanying sense of calm that invites inspiration and creative thought. It's where I first met Ted Harrison and a host of other Canadian artists that encouraged me to follow a career in the arts. Years later, working in a creative studio in an artistic town, I'd like to salute the natural world for its contribution to my artist incubation.



If you're in Vancouver come to the show, April 12 - May 8, at the Artists for Kids Gallery (810 West 21st St at the Leo Marshall Centre) or better yet, come to the opening, Thursday April 15th at 7:30 pm.


The other exhibiting artists include:

Karin Bubas, Tyler Quarles, Biliana Velkova, Bronwen Payerle, Sepideh Saii


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