…So… non-narrative would describe something that does not involve a story. Seems quite easy at first.

But the non-narrative falls at the far opposite of the expected, and can make your brain spin indefinitely, looking for a meaning, a path to follow, a direction to take.

An exercise for you: expose yourself to dérapage (here's a 17 sec teaser), a non narrative audio-visual exploration/movie contest, put up by UQÀM’s students since 2000. This year’s winning movies are now up at www.derapage.ca.

Try turning your thinking off and simply feel the undecipherable images and sounds. It’s a great way to reset your brain every year, to be ready to start a new story, especially if you are like myself and feel much better in the comfort of a story. Cause I personally can’t get away from looking for a beginning and an end…

Participating a while back as a student, I found Dérapage was a great way to fill up with raw emotions, colours, sensations, images & sounds and remember their intrinsic value.


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