‘Tis the season for ruckus and comical Christmas staff parties but at Aasman, celebration is taken seriously. A Christmas Committee was established in November to ensure the evening’s success. Behind closed doors, the Committee schemed ways to create embarrassing moments that would entertain the office throughout the coming year. Once solidified, the Plan revealed a competitive nature to the 2009 event. Below is an account the festive rivalry involving rocks that curl, cheese that swirls, and music that won’t make you twirl, it’ll make you STOMP!

The festive celebrations kicked off–or rather slipped off–with an afternoon at the curling rink. Under the expert direction of Mr. Trevor Sellars, four aasman teams threw rocks, yelled at each other, pushed brooms, lunged, slid, and occasionally fell down.

But these folks are not quitters, especially with the main event ahead. Having mastered the art of keeping the sheet clean and working hard to keep the rock true, the four teams left the arena in high spirits. Each went home to secretly ice bruised knees, stretch twisted ligaments, and cultivate confidence for the next activity – a dance off.

Back at Mt Mac, the aasman crew brought reinforcements and divided into two teams. Team Flamenco was lead by Annie Pellicano who taught them how to clack their heels with one foot, kick the air with the other, hop forward and clap all at the same time, just like true Andalusian gypsies. Team Gumboot learned from Sophia Marnik how to stomp and slap their rubber boots to create rhythm, just like miners of apartheid South Africa used to do.

The moment of truth arrived when each group performed for one another in a dance-off. Everyone participated, which meant no one could judge who won. But it was agreed that everyone deserved a crown and, having worked up an appetite, a very special meal.

The table was beautifully garnished for the likes of royalty, and after the Christmas crackers were popped, the guests proceeded to feast like royalty. Cheese fondue swirled in pots on the table and fixings for Raclette filled the spaces in between before filling the bellies of the assembled curling dancers, and one dog. No celebration is complete without a homemade trifle by Emily Bradbury, and so the evening ended on a sweet note.

In a measurement survey done the following Monday, participants in the 2009 aasman Christmas event agreed that the evening was a success, seriously.


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