The Kitchen-Kuiack family is representing the Yukon in a great way by participating in Canadian Geographic's Energy Diet Challenge.

Of the five other families they are competing against, the Kitchen-Kuiack household is leading the vote of public support.

It's probably because they write great blog updates with videos and fun pictures. Today's hilarious post is about making the meter part of the family–featuring heart felt music and various meter "costumes".

They're competing for a 2012 Toyota Prius hybrid. It may seem funny that a car is the prize for an energy conservation challenge, but for a Yukon family that lives out of town, driving is one of their biggest consumers of fossil fuels and a hybrid would make a big difference.

Car or no car, they're already winning a heap of savings in reducing consumption of oil, gas, electricity and water.

The rest of us Yukoners just get to be proud to be associated with them. They've got a strong online presence worth following. Check it out:

Kitchen-Kuiack Household bio

Their Facebook page

Their twitter page

The Energy Diet Challenge homepage


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