It was a night of glamour, fine dining and celebration, all while mingling with some of Yukon’s finest. Many local politicians joined in the celebrations, including Currie Dixon, Sandy Silver, Ryan Leef, Elaine Taylor, while head honchos of the territories major companies dined at tables next to me. I was star-struck even further when I realized CBC’s Sandi Coleman was the evening’s host.

The food: to die for. Filet mignon crowned with sautéed mushrooms, atop a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and a salmon pastry. I’m still drooling. To sip? A frozen globe martini made from Yukon Brewing’s special Yukon Solstice. Delicious.

However, the highlight of the evening (for me at least) would have to be the moment Adam Gerle of Northern Vision Development stepped up to that dripping ice sculpture podium to announce that Aasman Brand Communications was the winner of the Most Innovative Company award.

Our own Corey Bradbury made us all proud with his not-so prepared speech:

“It's really exciting as a small business in the North to get an opportunity to be celebrated for the things that you do.”

“I especially want to thank however, all of the other advertising agencies in the north…because that’s really what keeps pushing us to be innovative.”

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees of last night’s Frozen Globes. I feel so honored to not only be working at such an innovative company, but to live in a place surrounded with so many talented and creative entrepreneurs!

See you all next year in Iqualuit! (Although I bet I’ll have to give someone else a turn…)

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by Debbie

Congratulations to all of you at Aasman’s.  Such a fab company run by such amazing people.  My initial work with you branding Magnum Opus Management (MOM) so many years ago serves me well to this day.  Celebrate!!!


by Eleanor

I love what you did with the photo!


by Nicolas

Thanks Eleanor!


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