Last Thursday the Aasman crew was blessed with a fantastic meal at Eva Stehelin's ranch to celebrate the holiday season. The Aasmanites invaded the kitchen and under Eva's expert direction collectively produced an awesome wild-meat-themed meal. 

We made melt-in-your-mouth french onion soup, 

stroganoff delicious enough to quiet our babbling tongues, salad and dessert…..mmmmmm, oh and appetizers too!

We kneaded, rolled and flipped tortillas for cheesy little wraps with moose chorizo and fresh salsa.

The only work we did for the moose pate was spreading it on the crackers and trying not to talk with our mouths full.

Some guests joined us for dinner. Trevor had to leave us early, but he was there in spirit!

The atmosphere couldn't have suited us better. A cozy home filled with art and surrounded by the outdoors. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!





by paul

is the guy stirring the stroganoff wearing a dress?


by Eleanor

Is Margriet making white circles instead of aasman red?!


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