We’ve successfully launched Aasman.ca revision 2.3! Ok, I’m sure some will have noticed that these new revisions are actually a month old, but I thought I’d speak to them anyhow.

As part of our own brand refreshment back in November of 2008, we launched an entirely new website. The site was playful, very red, and received lots of great feedback.

So why did we change it?
1 - change is good
2 - we may have traded a little too much usefulness for playfulness
3 - we were using our news page like a blog

 …and how?
1 - we accepted change
2 - we streamlined the navigation and terminology, and brought in a handy side bar
3 - we conceded to the need to blog, threw in some comenting tools, added an rss feed, and called it our blog 

…and is it working?
We think so. Trevor can now find himself on the staff page, Rona has the administration licked with some great new tools under the hood, and I’m resting easy with some definite, verifiable increases in our stats. But the verdict's still out, so you tell me: good, bad, missed the boat? I welcome your comments!



by Geof Harries

Brother, looks awesome! The best version yet (no, seriously). I dig the new plain language labels and it’s just plain easier to get around.

One quick suggestion: Could you make the comment field wider and taller? I’m getting old and my eyes hurt trying to type in this tiny box :)


by Zeke Aasman

Geof, I’m glad you find it easier to get around, that was our biggest gripe with the previous version.

Though cute, you’re right that the smallish comment field is counter to our usability improvement initiative. I’m on it!


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