A few days after writing my last post on American Apparel’s marketing strategy I was enlightened about a few things. But before I get into them, I wanted to extend my invitation to give marketing feedback on American Apparel to include the work we do at our company. 

At aasman we measure each project’s success; we study the impact of our work to see if it's aligning with the client's desired results. What we don't do is hear a lot of feedback from secondary audiences that are not specifically targeted. Is that you? If you have anything to say about our work: your rants, your praise, your commentary or thoughts, send us a note @ info@aasman.ca. Or make a comment right here on our blog. As a company responsible for putting verbal and visual vocabulary into the public realm, talking to us is one of the best ways to make an impact on that language. 

Back to American Apparel, here's an article posted May 30th about the "most sexually explicit marketer" potentially going bankrupt next month. I was not surprised to find that the company's founder, Dov Charney, once commented that "there are some of us that love sluts." On the other hand, I can no longer slander all of American Apparel's business practices as the article also highlights the redeeming quality of producing all their clothing in the United States and paying their employees fair wages. 



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