An Olympic Experience

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3 kids under 5 years old

1 Grandpa, armed with Visa card

1 Grandma and 1 mother, there to keep it all together!


My family recently went to Vancouver to take in a day of the “Olympic experience”. Our fabulous local airline offered a day trip that was too good to not take advantage of, so off we flew...


Want to see branding in action? Here’s a sampling of what the right branding can do:


The Bay building, downtown Vancouver. Those massive banners were to advertise the Bay’s exclusive Olympic products. People waited in line for hours to buy a branded hoodie or sweater!


The Bay building again, different side. WOW.


Even Visa was in on the Olympic branding action…


Those red jerseys were everywhere! You couldn’t help but feel the pride that was in the air.


My little boy, Kai, branded from head to toe!


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Bazar  -  August 30 at 1:37 pm

omg that looks like so much fun! I saw one like this, don’t think it was as big, on the MTV show Rob and Big.  Before it became Rob’s Derdek’s Fantasy Factory.  Was hrioliaus watching him and Big flying through the air. lol. LOL I love watching Rob Derdek’s show on mtv. The guy is an absolute nut/adrenalin junkie, have to give him credit though he’s crazy like a fox! LOL.  .. wow I wanna go swinging through the air on that thing! Im jelous ha ha!!

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