American apparel T-shirts are comfortable, right? So comfortable it's like being naked and moments away from having sex.

At least, that's how I understand their current marketing strategy.

I went to their website to research available t-shirt colours last night and was made rather uncomfortable by mildly pornographic slideshows of (likely) underage women. What's more disconcerting is that I was moved enough to write about it now, which means that as a marketing technique, their strategy is working. I'm talking–or writing–about it. So now I'm feeling sick about my own actions.

The solution? Stop talking to your peers about inhumane, or sexist, or exploitative advertising. Instead, write to their complaints department. It's far more effective than ranting on a blog. Why? Because you're about to go to American Apparel's website and increase their hits per day.

I didn't even need to link you there, but I did. Ugh, I hate myself sometimes.


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