It’s 11:30pm, things go dark. Power’s out.

First step — call my wife. Check that— she’s already calling me. Power’s out at home too? Ok.

Hmmm, interesting, wonder how big this is. Smartphone out, Facebook open, nothing. Next stop, Twitter. Ok, now we’re getting somewhere.

I breeze through eight or nine fantasy football relevant tweets and yet another Mitt Romney poll to see @markrutledge— power’s out at his place too, he’s going the old school candle route. Ok, so not just at my place and downtown.

Next tweet @yukonpixie to @timkucharuk and @markrutledge, power’s out at the cut-off. Response tweet from @timkucharuk, it’s out all over town.

Within 5 minutes we’ve determined power is out all over town and I haven’t left my chair.

Enter @yukonoil14, she’s been woken up by a phone call from Yukon Electric for her partner— it’s all hands on deck.

A friend shows up, (in person, not digitally) tells me gusts of up to 80km/hr in the junction, 50km/hr in town. It’s gonna be out for a while. My turn to contribute to the discussion, I share my new info and ad a little hashtag - #blackoutbeers?

20 minutes have passed since lights out.

The hashtags of the next two hours tell the story:
11:50 - #blackoutbeers?
11:51 - #blackouttequilla?
11:52 - #blackoutbrandy?
12:10 - #poweroutage
12:25 - #lowbattery #firstworldproblems
1:30 - #poweroutagelingers
2:00 - #poweroutageproblems

I am not a huge tweeter, don’t have many followers and generally keep to myself but have long used the service as a way to categorize and funnel new information. It was interesting, if only for a couple of hours (my iPhone died), to meet new Yukoners from all sorts of backgrounds and professions discussing a simple power outage.

We all survived and woke up to find a whole new set of issues with the telecommunications. Back to twitter and there was @northwestel, keeping folks informed.

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by Mark Rutledge

Yep, comm issues still ongoing. Luckily we have tethered the aasman iMac to my iPhone to get this blog posted. :)


by Doug Brown

Well thank goodness your power went out in September and not January!

Twitter really can be used to bring a community together, and this is a great example. With alcohol no less!


by Matt Bustin

Funny, when the power went out I also tried to access my twitter account to see if anybody in the Yukon twitterverse was talking about the outage.  Alas, my mobile data wouldn’t work on my Galaxy S2, thus depriving me of the witty hashtags and information on the outage.  If Yukon Electric and/or Yukon Energy don’t already tweet updates about outages, they should - it being free and all.


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