Today's blog is about a blog about 50 of the best illustration blogs on the web!

I read somewhere recently, and I hope I'm not repeating myself here, that one of the reason's folks resist joining the blogging culture is that it takes a lot of time. Well, it's true, and it can, but an easy way to get involved is to simply put aside a set amount of time each day; recognize that keeping up with the communities and conversations that are important to you is worth it. Blogs are a newscast catered to your interests as well as a source of inspiration, which the 6 o-clock news usually is not.

That all being said, I missed last Monday's blog, but I'm back on track. My personal challenge is the look at one of these 50 illustration blogs a day for as long as it holds my interest. 50 Best Illustration Blog on the Web


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by Jacob Aasman

I like the website! nephew of Al Aasman
got any job openings?


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