It’s really beginning to feel like summer now that our summer student Ben Barrett-Forrest is here in the aasman studio. We always like to get to know our newbies by introducing them in a unique aasman way—with questions about bread, butter, and music. Carry on Ben….

Ben, how long have you lived in the Yukon?

I was born and raised right here, growing up among the squirrels and foxes about 15 minutes south of downtown Whitehorse.

First impressions of aasman?

It is a busy, happy place full of talented people! There are always good tunes playing in the bright studio, and my desk has a beautiful view of Grey Mountain. I felt instantly at home (which was certainly helped by the plate of delicious cupcakes that I was offered five minutes after I stepped through the door), and I was quickly brought into the workflow of the aasman team, which felt great.

What were you doing before coming to work for us?

I just finished my third year of studying Multimedia, Arts and Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In past summers I have worked for Arts in the Park and the Yukon Transportation Museum.

What's the best trait you bring to your work here at aasman?

I have an eye for design, and the passion to bring my ideas to life. Regardless of what medium I'm working in, I simply love creating things and seeing them out in the real world, and I am thrilled to be able to give my energy to aasman.

And now for the really important questions:

Favourite sandwich?

A toasted BLT (with the possible addition of cheese, egg, avocado, or whatever other delicious ingredients are around)!

Best tunes to work by?

Fast-paced Django Reinhardt-style swing jazz.

Most exotic travel experience?

A two-month cycling trip across Cuba.

Canoe or kayak?

For a day trip, a kayak. For anything longer, definitely a canoe.

Is there a font you can't live without?

I'd have a difficult time surviving on this earth without Bebas Neue.

Any other thoughts you'd like to share with us at this time?

I am seriously looking forward to my first brainstorming session while using aasman's tiny pool table.

Thanks Ben!


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