A brand is not only the raison d'être of an organization; it's also the public's perception it. This perception is often independent of what the organization would like it to be. It's moulded by a lot of factors, and in some cases, the media plays a big part.

You can probably see where I'm going with this.

Last night watching the news I saw footage from at least six different cameras of one measly police car burning in Toronto's city centre. There was a brief scene of the suited leaders smiling and waving goodbye while the CBC reporter announced that the Summit recognized the need to "continue stimulating economic growth". That 15 seconds was followed by more reporting on the bad-apple rioters.

So what is the public left with after the G20 weekend? "Brand G20: Burnt police cars for economic growth":  a perception constructed by CBC. As a member of society affected by the debates at this conference, I'm feeling pretty confused. What is the G20 Brand? What could my perception have been? What other ways can the G20 brand identity reach the public.


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by eleanor

Here’s some footage that was not on TV of protesters singing the national anthem. I’m feeling even more confused as to why this provoked the response it did.



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