The latest aasmanaut keeps her cool amidst many blustery multi-tasking requests. While Naomi is settling into her new position with flying colours (and hair), some of us have been here long enough to warrant a new look.

I recently went to a shmansy cocktail hour before the Western Canadian Music Awards and met a woman who's portrait I had drawn during a previous concert. I was in the audience at that time and so we hadn't actually met before. When I introduced myself she said "Oh, I thought you had really short hair." That's when I made a mental note to have a new photo taken for aasman's about us page—where she had found my photo.

So when we did Naomi's great hair shot, we did one for my new long locks too.
Here's the change (still listening to the ball of course)

I'm not the only one who's changed their look. Pre-press master Paul Mantel used to sport a long-do too. Check out the difference from 2006 and now.

How does this fit into branding?

Well, personally, I like to talk about hair, so this blog is appropriate for me. For aasman, our brand remains constantly about brand excellence through compelling communications and purpose driven creative, but like the world we live in, we like to stay up-to-date with the latest looks, including keeping you informed about our hair styles.


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by margriet aasman

...obviously this change is only cosmetic. The fact that we are and will always be focussed on compelling communications etcetera… doesn’t mean it always looks the same. Lets hope we are as creative as we are with our own hairstyling to come up with continually changing ways to capture our audience’s attention!


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