Yukoners are a particularly lovely bunch, if you ask me. It must be something about all the fresh air and exercise we get up here, or perhaps there is something in the sparkling clean water. Whatever the reason is, those Yukon faces are integral to many of the campaigns we produce here at Aasman.
Besides the natural, wholesome good looks of our Yukon models, why do we go to the trouble to use local faces, when stock photography is cheaper and faster?

Much of the credit for that decision has to go to the folks at Health and Social Services.

Rooted in a culture of nurture and care for Yukoners, the heart of Health and Social Services brand values is respect for — and non-judgement of — Yukoners. Those values translate into a strategy that honours Yukon experiences, faces and voices, and that extends to the communications campaign work they do.
And let’s face it, Yukoners are a unique bunch that can’t be represented through stock photography. They are our neighbours and friends and seeing their faces on posters and websites personalizes the message and makes us take notice in a way that generic photos just can’t.                                                                                 

The Flu Shot campaign series for Health and Social Services has consistently used local models, and with each year more and more Yukoners are being vaccinated against the flu. This years campaign was a resounding success with over 9500 shots being administered compared to around 7000 last year. And while other factors contributed to the 36% increased uptake in flu vaccines, other campaigns with local models have also shown us how much more meaningful local models are to our Yukon audience.  The Salty Talk campaign has been getting quite a bit of attention on social media recently and ads featuring local models got so many more clicks than those with generic pictures that we quickly adjusted the online placement to feature only the ads with Yukon faces.

This concept has been used with other clients as well. The In-Charge Campaign for Yukon Energy featured Yukoners telling their energy saving stories. The online ads had a very high click through rate, especially those featuring former Mayor Bev Buckway. Aurora Geosciences used Yukon faces as well by featuring their own employees as models in recent advertising campaigns.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful Yukon models and photographers we work with. These guys do a great job and our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them for working on these campaigns with us.

We are always looking for more models to work on our campaigns and would love to hear from you! If you or someone you know would be interested in modeling for upcoming campaigns, email me at alex@aasman.ca. We can chat about what’s involved and you’ll be added to our call list for upcoming campaigns.
It’s a great way to get discovered — in a Yukon-y sort of way.


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