After an extended holiday in Alberta and British Columbia, I'm back in the office and feeling quite connected to the Canadian identity. Can one be nostalgic for the present moment? I felt nostalgic while ice skating across lake Windemere with ancient leather skates and girlish pigtails. (As a side note, pigtails are incredibly practical for wearing toques.) What's strange about that nostalgic feeling is that skating on lakes wasn't a big part of my childhood. I'm a first generation Canadian and I think my sense of Canadian identity might have first come from children's books and TV.

Other Canadianisms I experienced included a day of downhill skiing, multicultural dinners in Richmond and German-style gift giving of Japanese knick-knacks, a Chinook in Calgary, a cabin by the lake, wood fires, and a day of snowshoeing.

Actually, I'd like to add snowshoeing to Neil's Yukon Trends to watch in 2013. Yukoners have always been privy to the sport, but the North Shore mountains near Vancouver are starting to swarm with snowshoers. That makes us Yukoners trendsetters on that one.

One day I'd like to visit the east coast and add that to my Canadian experience. That reminds me, during my travels I came across the Keep Exploring Canada Campaign (links to choose from on the right). Perhaps the next phase of Explore Like A Local. Have you seen it? Thoughts on that campaign or what a Canadian winter holiday means to you?



by neil

The first time I slapped on some skates and hit a Whitehorse outdoor rink was one of the most Canadian moments i’ve ever experienced. Love the skates Eleanor!


by Eleanor

Thanks Neil, they were super uncomfortable. Also, I need to make a correction. My Dad was Canadian by the time I was born, which makes me a 1.5 generation Canadian. :)


by Dana

you’re the hottest 1.5 generation Canadian i know.


by Eleanor

Hmmmm. Thanks Dana. Let’s see now, how can I reply in design-speak. I’ve just got a haircut and have thus altered my identity and perceptions of me. Did you know that in England bangs are called fringe?


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