Nicolas among us

by Rona

Nicolas Dory has joined the ranks of our Interactive Department. [Zeke can’t stop grinning] Naturally, now that Nicolas is working among us, he must face the tough NKOTAB questions. So Nicolas… How long have you been in the Yukon? 7 months (since last October) First impressions? I experienced a wonderful…

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Remembering Dave

by Al

Dave Robertson passed away Dec 18, and the loss has been much on my mind in the weeks since. So I’m doing the very thing that Dave first allowed me to do—I’m writing about it. The three principals of AASMAN met while working at Dave’s Yukon News in the late…

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Meet the NKOTAB

by Rona

...that would be the New Kids on the Aasman Block. In the past three months, we've said a teary farewell to Sandy, and a cheery hello to three new Aasman team members. What's up new guys? Give us the lowdown on all things YOU. Corey Bradbury, Production Coordinator How long…

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