What’s Wonderful on the Web - Part 1

by Ben Barrett-Forrest

As the week wraps up, I thought I would give you a brief look into what I have found interesting in the world of art and design on the web. Here is a piece of exceptional digital illustration combined with in-depth historical research. A TV channel from the UK called…

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The Fun of Fonts: a Haines Graveyard

by Ben Barrett-Forrest

I spent the May long weekend in Haines, Alaska, with my family. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend (far removed from the snowstorms happening in Whitehorse), and we spent our time bear-gazing, eating salmon sandwiches, and snooping around parts of Haines we hadn’t explored before. We found ourselves in a…

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Inside the Starbucks brand

by Eleanor

Starbucks is an obvious example of successful branding. It's easily identifiable at their drive-thrus, in shops with comfy chairs, on their take-out cups and recently their packets of instant brew. But since branding is about perception and experience even more than it is about looks, I interviewed a former Starbucks…

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So, that worked.

by Neil Stephen

Last week we wrote about the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation's reaction to a point of sale error that overcharged patrons during the busy Easter long weekend. Taking to social media, the NSLC invited customers to vote for the charity of their choice to receive the surplus money and gave people…

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Oilsands Marketing

by Neil Stephen

In honour of Roger Ebert's passing last week, I thought we could all take a moment and play advertising critic. I happened to catch this spot and it really connected with me. To be sure, there is a ton of innovation happening in the resource sector, but are these sorts…

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Drunken brand apologies

by Neil Stephen

Last Saturday, in liquor stores across the province of Nova Scotia, customers were charged inaccurate prices for their Captain's and Keith's (writer's note: real Nova Scotian's prefer vitamin 'O'). Apparently there was a computer glitch and prices that were meant to go into affect on April 1st actually kicked…

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04.03.2013 2 comments

The horror of it all…

by Kristen

I have been in the Yukon for a year now and because of this HUGE milestone I decided that it was the time to change from my unused Australia license to a Yukon drivers license. This required me to take a written test and a driving test. Thankfully I passed…

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The Pope Brand

by Neil Stephen

This blue and green mass we call earth is home to over 1 billion catholics; roughly speaking, that's one in six of us. Catholicism has roughly the same number of members as Facebook so in social media terms, the naming of Pope Francis is sort of like changing every user's…

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TGIF Round Up

by Jennifer Wiebe

I am happy to say it's Friday! I hope you enjoy these findings from the past few weeks. As I am sure you are aware Dove's real beauty campaign has been very successful in showing that there is beauty in everyone. It's been almost 10 years since the campaigns launch…

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