What’s your Puppy Room?

by Neil Stephen

You’ve probably heard about the busy Dalhousie University Puppy Room helping stressed out students relax during exam time. It’s a great idea and genuinely helpful for students, but what are the implications for the Dalhousie brand? What is your brand's puppy room? There is a real science behind this but…

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12.04.2012 3 comments

Q&A on Finding Awesomeland

by Neil Stephen

FINDING AWESOMELAND from Hardly Worth Watching on Vimeo. A couple of weeks back the folks over at Hardly Worth Watching (HWW) unleashed their first full length video on Yukoners prior to the latest Warren Millar screening at the Yukon Arts Center. Finding Awesomeland showcases our home and the daredevils who live here.…

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Yes, even Macklemore is consciously branding

by Eleanor

Macklemore hella loves Whitehorse. In branding, the first step is recognizing that a brand is everything about how you are perceived–it's far beyond the logo and is everything from the clothes you wear in a meeting to the internal dialogue spoken by visitors to your website. Even as an individual…

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