Work Aasman

05.17.2013 2 comments

Week One at Aasman: Ben’s Impressions

by Ben Barrett-Forrest

My first week at Aasman is finished, and it has been truly exciting. I had expected that my first week would be pretty calm, with introductions and training. BOY, I was wrong! Since I arrived at 8:30 on Monday morning, it has been a thrill ride of client meetings, information…

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Work Aasman

05.07.2013 1 comment

A forrest in the aasman studio

by Eleanor

We're excited to welcome our summer intern Ben Barrett-Forrest to the aasman studio next week. He knows the Yukon well, is bright and enthusiastic about design. We're not the only ones who think so. Ben's latest stop-motion video about the history of typography is getting a lot of attention across…

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Say it in JPEG

by Neil Stephen

This silly little JPEG created 93 newsfeed stories, along with 55 likes, 23 shares and 15 comments. In total, over eight thousand Yukoners came into contact with this image last week — Over 8000 at a cost of.... nothing? Here's the tip: If you have something to say, something you're…

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a non-narrative challenge

by Valérie Théorêt

…So… non-narrative would describe something that does not involve a story. Seems quite easy at first. But the non-narrative falls at the far opposite of the expected, and can make your brain spin indefinitely, looking for a meaning, a path to follow, a direction to take. An exercise for you: expose…

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