Eleanor shared this video on her Facebook page, and as soon as I saw it I thought, "We need to hire some kids. They can bang out ideas really fast!" Well, not really. But I did think it was a pretty cool way to demonstrate that creative ideas and their execution take time. Playfulness and fun aren't the enemies of productivity. They are, more often than not, the backbone of effective results.

At aasman, we're fortunate enough to have a client base that, for the most part, understands this principle. As a result, our work often involves a lot of play, which makes this a pretty fun place to be—for us and our clients. 

Check this out for a little extra creative inspiration. Have a great weekend! 


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by margriet Aasman

I love this video! Good points Jennifer! Yes we do have clients that understand and appreciate this. We just need a little more time to help some others along… maybe invite them to join us in the zoo with a bucket full of crayons!


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