It's my first day back in town and back at work after two weeks of canoeing the Yukon River. With no food in my house, no cash in my wallet, and my car somewhere on the other side of town, I needed lunch somewhere nearby that accepted credit cards. What else? It's a busy day catching up in the studio, so I got a Subway sandwich and ate it while walking back to work.

I've never had so many people smile at me on my lunch break. It was a little weird and I'm now contemplating what it was they were smiling about? Was it their understanding of lunch on the run? The big sunglasses and cheeks stuffed like chipmunks? Am I selling Subway with my high-heeled stroll through town?

As I peeled back the logo-covered sandwich wrapping, a mom with her two boys passed by and commented, "Subway looks good. Let's go there and then to the park." It was just a sandwich and pop, but the bright yellow mark with the little "on-the-go" arrows sent at least three hungry people back to its source.


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