I recently found myself demonstrating the benefit of one font over the other. To do so I typed out the alphabet and applied the font. However, I forgot a more creative way to demonstrate every letter of the alphabet. You may be familiar with the phrase:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

It's a pangram, a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet. Sure, it could be a shorter sentence, but "Cwm fjord bank glyphs vext quiz" doesn't quite roll off the tongue and isn't a good representation of common English.

If you are choosing a font for your company to use in day-to-day communications, make sure you try it out in a sample of something you'll use. This seems obvious, but until you try your font in long paragraphs, fax machines, tiny labels, on a website, or a classified ad, you won't be sure it's the right fit. If inventing fake text isn't your thing, use "the quick brown fox" sentence.

Beware that the sentence has its pitfalls too. It doesn't include a lot of punctuation, numbers, capital letters, italics or bold. Maybe a modification is in order….

45 quick brown foxes JUMP 67 times over the 89 lazy dogs in 2013.

hmmmm.... I think there's room for improvement on that. Anyone out there have a better sentence?


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