Every year at Christmas aasman spreads the spirit of hope through a charitable donation. This year we chose the theme of pure water and contributed to the construction of a well for a school in Sierra Leone. An exciting part of this donation is that we'll be able to follow our well's progress in 2011 on our own page at thewaterproject.org. We'll post it here when it's up!

Why pure water? Pure water helps children get an education—the starting point for inspiration, and creative development in their community. It's creativity that keeps us inspired at aasman and we couldn't do it without hope, health and renewal. 


To share a drop of hope, health, and renewal with our clients we're giving out water bottles with a festive package design. Designed and assembled in-house, these sparkly "bottle-trees" were fun to construct but even more fun to share with our clients.

If you have a chance to drop by our office this week, please come get one. Merry Christmas from everyone at aasman!




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