It's getting warmer in Whitehorse–in the low -20s! But last week was -35-40! So I've had some indoor time to surf the net and find cool sites to keep you entertained.

I found most of them on FWA's (Favourite Website Awards) website.

The following three sites are a taste of the amazing possibilities of online interactivity.

This National Film Board site explores the Montreal's iconic mountain, 'holy' Mount Royal, and people's connection to it. It's chock-full of historic videos, anecdotes, quotes, and moody moving visuals. Do you think it captures Mount Royal?

Nespresso's eye candy fantasy land reminds me of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory with beautiful dreamy music. I'm not convinced that flavoured coffee is something I'll partake in but it's a delicious sight to see. Does it make you want to order the vanilla?

The loading page for Mekanism describes itself as "storytelling for emerging media". I haven't explored the site much yet, but I love their inspiring proposition and every time I hit refresh a huh-larious scene of historic storytelling mediums shows. Let us know what you think of the work!


What's the next generation of your website going to look like?


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