The name of this website caught my eye this morning, On a crisp, sunny spring morning in Whitehorse, a creative start to Monday is good definition of my experience. The website features a series of lectures delivered by creative professionals and posted as videos for us to enjoy online!  

The first one I watched was a talk by design business consultant Emily Cohen about why "the fish stinks from the head down," or in other words: "Most of the problems you have are your own fault." If you're interested in creating or understanding how a successful design agency works, check it out.

For non-designers looking for morning inspiration…

…Okay, here's another one for designers,  a talk by Laura Brunow called "Why we work." 

…Well, seems most of the topics do focus on creativity related to design, but of course, that's why you're reading this blog; even if you're not a designer but are interested in the subject, you'll surely find something you like in the lecture series at

Warning: They are long, so try playing it in the background when you're typesetting tables or something that allows your ears to be free to absorb.


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