Today, we present some examples of why it clearly pays to hire professionals to do the marketing. (Local TV ads are the best!)

Enjoy the badness.  Happy Friday from aasman!

 This is what happens when the boss just really, really wants to be on tv.

And this is just surreal. 



by Mark

Nice post. Can I add two more to the mix? Having grown up in Toronto the master of bad advertising was none other than Mel Lastman of Lastman Bad Boy’s furniture. ( Or there is always Russell Oliver “the Loan Arranger” aslo from Toronto.


by Jennifer

Thanks Mark. Those are awesome.


by Eleanor

ha ha ha! watching this on monday, and really gave me a laugh. the egg birth is sick.. and the “just like a mini-mall” is sick in the other meaning of the word. “it’s catchy, yeah it is, sing anything, to that tune…” ha!


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