Who doesn't like a list of cool websites? It's one of my favourite sections of magazines and blogs. I was never one to be the dead-end of a chain-letter and would like to share with you a collection of Fabulous February Finds – a mix of beautiful illustrations, niche design history, and valuable resources.


1. Olaf Hajek (www.olafhajek.com) is a prolific German illustrator with a impressive list of clients. His hand-painted work is textured and vivid, incorporating fluid shapes, layers of multicoloured dry-brushing, and detailed references to nature that leave my spirit satiated with inspiration.

Here's an interview with him about his book "Flowerhead".

2. www.propagandaonline.info is a historical survey of government issued posters in China and written descriptions of their context. The website itself is worth a visit for its witty navigational transitions. Select a decade, and a topic like behaviour, hygiene, safety, or politics, look at the posters and read about what they meant at the time.

3. I'm not even sure how to begin describing what this next site does, but if you love information, comparing global statistics, and you're a visual learner, this site is for you. Plot in your desired factors and track the information across a chosen time-line, geographical location, demographic of your choice, etc, and use the information as you will.


4. While working on a Haiti Fundraising project with aasman I stumbled across this useful site.

Ever wonder what pantone colour your territorial flag is? Or the country you're designing for? It's not that easy to find out…unless you're looking for a Caribbean Flag, in which case you simple go here and they are all listed alphabetically. If only there was a global one.


5. Art, theatre, music, and photography all wrapped up in one amazing 3-D panorama experience by photographer Sam Rohn.

The Chelsea Hotel in New York is an iconic building that's housed the likes of Leonard Cohen, Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Sid Vicous, Diego Rivera, Rufus Wainwright… and on, and on… since the late 1800s when it was first opened. If you've ever wanted to go there but live hundreds of kilometres away like I do, this is as close as you'll get. Click on either panorama to open an interactive tour of the lobby and ornate stairwell, both laden with art.




by KenyaSCHOLL

Cool! Just what I was looking for.



by Eleanor

Thanks for the positive feedback Janet! Perhaps it’s time for a new top five list for the fall.


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