I was three days into an antibiotic prescription before I looked in the bag they came in and read the possible side effects. On day four I actually read all the nifty little labels on the bottles that tell you how to take them. I spent as much time as I assume only a designer does appreciating the different colours that stand out from the medical details most of us don't understand and the clarity of the icons' meaning. I was already feeling better though, so I had to note that it was the physicians directions to "take with a glass of water" and "don't take calcium"—that I remembered during the delirious days. 
There's just no replacement for the effectiveness of face-to-face conversation. How does that tie into your branding needs? Depending on where you're living and who your target audience is, it's worth considering having a live presenter, or a real-time event as part of a campaign. Make it something unforgettable.


by Doug Brown

Love this post Eleanor. Makes me think of washing label instructions too. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if they could be personally explained. Agencies know our lingo : clients are less familiar with it. Much as with physicians and patients.


by Eleanor

Thanks Doug. I’m waiting for hologram technology to allow “people” to deliver 3D messages, although m y understanding is that there will still be a disconnect between the brain and the message that only real eye contact can secure.


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