While hiking last weekend I was marvelling at the changing colours of autumn on the Yukon landscape. After pointing out dozens of red plants along our two- turned six-hour trek, I was asked of a particular red bush "what colour is that?" It took me a while before I answered, "fire engine red."

I wasn't totally satisfied with that answer; it captured the vivid intensity of the plant but it brought to mind how challenging red can be to describe. Red can be urgent and hard to ignore, especially when it's a warm red leaning toward the yellow end of the colour wheel, like a fire exit, the header of a news magazine or a For Sale sign.

But red can also be comforting and calming on the cooler end of the colour wheel, like an accent wall in a cozy living room—the opposite effect of the fire exit—a valentine's card, or a royal red carpet.

I asked one of the aasman partners to describe the colour red that aasman uses in our branding. Margriet replied: "We were searching for the truest and most intense red, that wasn't too warm, cold, blue or yellow. It is as energetic, bright and focussed as we are."

If you're interested in the history, cultural context, emotional response and fun facts all about red, check out this site.


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