There is no question that the Canada Games Centre is a wonderful facility for all Yukoners, but it has a particular importance for Whitehorse children, where they have the opportunity to participate in sports, play with other children, and just generally build their confidence. To have such an opportunity is something that not all children experience, and the students at Yukon’s Montessori School have been learning about some of the disparities in how children lead their lives across the world. On November 20, International Children’s Day, they thought that you should learn about it too. Just before 6pm on November 20th, the packed Canada Games Centre broke into dance with 14 children from the Montessori School and 10 dancers from Northern Lights School of Dance performing a flash mob to raise awareness of this important day.
I spoke with Kate Fitzgerald, Artistic Director of Northern Lights School of Dance and choreographer about the event.

(Image from, with permission)

AH: So what was the purpose behind this flash mob?
KF: November 20th was International Children’s Day and this was an effort to raise awareness about the promotion of child welfare worldwide.

AH: Why did you decide on flash mob to raise awareness?
KF: The flash mob tactic came from Domenic Bradford at the Whitehorse Montessori School. For several years now the children in upper elementary, grades 4 and up, have done something on International Children’s Day to raise awareness. They have spent the last several weeks dedicating part of their curriculum to understanding the living conditions and circumstances of children around the world. Dance is also part of their curriculum so this was a good fit for the culmination of those two subjects.

AH: How did the event go in the end?
KF: The flash mob ended up being very successful! The Canada Games Centre is always packed at that time of day so we had a good crowd gathered around to watch the kids. A lot of parents from the Montessori school came to watch and there were a few radio advertisements to let people know that this would be happening, so that drew quite a crowd. I guess being advertised it was not technically a true flash mob, but the goal was to raise awareness of International Children’s Day so I think that the radio notifications only added to our reach.

AH: Can you estimate how many people were in the crowd?
KF: I would estimate that about 200 people were there, with 50 or so that came for the sole purpose of watching the flash mob.

AH: How do you think the kids felt about the experience?
KF: I think it was really great for everyone involved! The kids did a phenomenal job and everyone left with big smiles on their faces. Dance and performance are great ways to build confidence and I saw that a lot, and particularly in the boy dancers who might not usually be inclined to join a dance class.

Thanks for the chat Kate, and to everyone at the Yukon Montessori School for a job well done and bringing awareness to this very important day!

(Image from, with permission)


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by Eleanor

Great photos! I love this trend


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