We have a new aasmanite!
Neil was the Director of Marketing and Sales for Yukon Brewing and Yukon Spirits before joining our team. He brings a wealth of marketing and reaching things on high shelves experience to aasman, so we're really excited to have him on board.
Read on to learn more about Neil. . . 
Neil Stephen, Account Manager
How long have you been in the Yukon? Since October 2009, nearly two years. I visited for a friend’s wedding and loved the place. Two months later my wife and I were proud holders of high school-style Yukon drivers licenses. 
First impressions?   People here value things that matter. 
Where were you living and working before Whitehorse?   I lived and worked in Antigonish, Nova Scotia in a marketing/recruitment role for St. Francis Xavier University (St. FX) with a focus on new media. Yes, I “facebooked” for a living and explained twitter roughly 7-8 times a day. (These were the pre-Ashton Kutcher days of twitter.)
What's the best trait you bring to your work here at aasman? 
I can reach things on high shelves; it’s a talent I’ve been honing everyday since I was 15. I’m also good at using jokes as answers to questions I find embarrassing.
And now for the really important questions:
Favourite sandwich?   Turkey pesto on focaccia 
Best tunes to work by?  The Weakerthans or Cake or James Taylor or Jenn Grant or Jay-Z.
Most exotic travel experience?   Chicken, Alaska was pretty surreal.
Snowboard or Skis?   Skis. 
Beverage you can't live without?   Tea.
Any final thoughts you'd like to share with us at this time? 
(Editor’s note: Neil missed this question, but I think he’d probably say that working in the same end of the office as Jen is by far the highlight of being at aasman.)
Help us welcome Neil to the fold. I'm sure there's much more to learn about Neil, so post your questions for him in comments (preferably ones that he may find embarrassing.)  


by Doug Brown

It appears you have unnecessarily duplicated crucial skills sets when you hired Neil. If I’m not mistaken, Corey can also reach things on high shelves.

Glad to have gotten the chance to meet Neil when I was up there. How fantastic to find such a talent right in town.


by Corey Bradbury

I too also enjoy a good turkey pesto sandwich


by eleanor

welcome neil!

Fresh buns at aasman. Have you met Ashton Kutcher? on Twitter?


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