Driving into work today, I was pleased to hear a familiar voice when I tuned into the CBC. Familiar mostly because of his work, his videos and his blog posts, which I have seen much more of than the creator himself. Ben, the voice in question, was aasman’s summer student last year, and while he and I just missed each other in the office, his presence is still felt at aasman and increasingly within the greater design community.

Today Ben was being interviewed about his latest project, the Design Deck. The Design Deck is basically a deck of 52 playing cards that contains a useful piece of design information on each card.  I could go into detail, but Ben sums it up so well in the video below that you should probably just take a look for yourselves. Not only does he explain his idea well, Ben also sells it well–well enough for almost 900 backers to contribute to Ben’s Kickstarter funding campaign for the Design Deck. That translates to over $27,000 worth of pledged support (a wee bit over his $600 goal, which was met in under a day).

With supporters and fans sharing his video and supporting his project all over the world, I’m sure that the name Ben Barrett-Forrest is only going to become more familiar as we see great things from this innovative homegrown talent. Nice job Ben!



by Eleanor

This is great! Well done Ben and thanks Alex for bringing the components together. Ben does a great job of using multiple communication channels to get the word out. The video is informative, updates on social media are frequent, earned media on the radio pushes us to the website which is clean and simple (forrestgoods.com). I can’t wait to get my deck!


by Ben BF

Thanks for the writeup, Alex!
I’m looking forward to stopping by the office soon!


by Alex

You’re welcome Ben! Everyone here is so excited about your project, we will definitely need to have a few design decks floating around.
See you again soon!


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