When I first heard about Google Art Project I headed straight to the site, excited to visit some of the world’s greatest art galleries. I love the idea of getting up close and personal with artworks in the galleries where they live–a virtual tour of the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam is better than never seeing it all. 
But when I got there, I ended up staring at blank walls, veering about in circles, and getting vertigo from the blurred vision effect of moving around. The “walk-through” virtual tour utilizes Google’s Street View technology and evidently I’m not terribly savvy when it comes to using it. 
Thankfully (for me at least), visitors don’t have to hazard the walking tour to view high-resolution images of the artworks–you can go directly to an image menu. No matter how you approach the paintings, it’s lovely to zoom in and examine them in a way that you wouldn’t likely get to, even in real life. I noticed “new” details in paintings that I’ve looked at several times before. 
Visit Google Art Project. I’m curious to know if you end up careening around like a drunken sailor, or you’re able to simulate a well-behaved patron of the arts in this virtual environment. 


by eleanor

RedBull picked up on the concept as well, but for another side of fine art… street art–murals and graffiti in public spaces. Check it out: http://www.streetartview.com


by jennifer

Love it! Thanks for the link.


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