We have one more introduction to make this season. Please welcome back to the Yukon our new account manager, Alex Hill. We're very excited to have her at aasman for many reasons, read on for details....

Alex, how long have you been in the Yukon?

I was born and raised in Whitehorse, but I have been away on and off for school and travel for 8 years. This coming winter will be my first in the Yukon since I was 19! Fingers crossed that it will be a mild one.

What were your first impressions of aasman??

The very first impression I had when coming into Aasman was "wow, nice office!" During this first week I have really noticed the energy and enthusiasm that employees here have for the work done at Aasman, which makes me even more excited to be joining the team.

What were you doing before coming to work with us?

I have been living in Toronto completing a Master of Communication degree at Ryerson University.

What's the best trait you bring to your work here at aasman?

The best traits I will be bringing to Aasman are probably my tendency to be very focused and my enthusiasm for communications work and creative problem solving. My love of public speaking might serve me well also!

What are the best tunes to work with?

Whatever Nicolas is listening to has been great so far!

Favourite kind of ball? (like basketball or rum balls or...?)

A tennis ball to play fetch with my new dog (who is still needing a name... suggestions please!)

Preferred flavour of chip?

I have yet to find a chip that I don't like, but favourite among them all would probably be salt and vinegar.

What is a unique hobby you have??

Travelling! I went on two university exchanges during my undergraduate degree, taking me to Xalapa, Mexico and Madrid, Spain. I also lived and studied in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala for three months and backpacked throughout Europe and Central and South America.


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by Nicolas

Welcome in your new office Alex! Glad you enjoy the DJ so far…


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