Surrealist painter Salvador Dali designed the logo for Chupa Chups lollipops!! (Okay, well it was an exciting discovery for me.)

I never would have guessed. When I think of Dali, the words that come to mind are flamboyant, intense, surreal, eccentric, absurd. Marketing hard candy on a stick just never factored into my perception of him.

Although, after thinking about it,  the connection isn't that much of a stretch. Dali's work was based largely on symbolism, and what is a logo if not a symbol? 

P.S. Even if you're not familiar with Salvador Dali, you might recognize his most famous work The Persistence of Memory (or reinterpretations of it.) 



by Eleanor

Lol. Nice. I was surprised too. Although with the symbolism thing I though you were going to ask… what is a lollipop a symbol for?


by reedumebale

With regards to selecting a top end 3D tv, selecting a Samsung 3D television is a good choice. Samsung offers 3 main kinds of 3D TVs, that’s LCD, LIGHT EMITTING DIODE, and plasma which all have their own benefits and features. In this specific article I’ll discuss the advantages of each kind of Samsung 3D TELEVISION to create your final decision easier and much more knowledgeable.

By much one of the more standard kind of television this period could be the LCD, fluid crystal display. Samsung’s fluid crystal display 3D TVs are of awesome excellent in pretty several ways. These TVs out of this brand brand producer may be swiftly change between used just like a individual computer display with a television very quickly. make specific additionally you anticipate a Samsung fluid crystal display television undertake a awesome lifespan, as greatly as 60, 000 hours, that could be identical to 8 hrs each night for two decades. Samsung’s fluid crystal display 3D engineering allows someone to wristwatch the display and still have a television of practically any sizing from 5 inches all of how as greatly as 65 inches.

LIGHT EMITTING DIODE 3D TVs from Samsung certainly really are a cast iron method to get assured you obtain a excellent television for the residence or workplace. LIGHT EMITTING DIODE TVs are incredibly lightweight producing them straightforward to proceed from the person space to 1 more or transport through moves or specific occasions particularly where you have to sustain it apart by way of the crowd. Of each one of the types of 3D TVs available, Samsung’s LIGHT EMITTING DIODE televisions are one of the more vitality effective option and eat up significantly less electrical energy than plasma.

If you like the very best of the greatest, and wish to enjoy superior pictures, superior resolution and smooth action scenes unlike every other TV can offer you should look at Samsung’s Plasma 3D TELEVISION. Plasma TVs supply the top image and video quality available when compared with other television technologies, LIGHT EMITTING DIODE and LCD. If you are in to sports and busy TV or movie channels, you will get probably the most value for your money going plasma. For just about any gamers available, consider Samsung’s plasma 3D TELEVISION to be your best option for going 3-dimensional with game titles. You will not obtain a clearer, more smooth display than with Samsung’s type of plasma tv sets.

Overall, Samsung offers an array of 3D TVs to select from. There is something for several budgets and entertainment needs. Be sure you spend some time and read more thorough reviews of Samsung’s 3d TVs from people who’ve actually used them.

Visit our web site, to learn more and real customer TELEVISION LCD reviews.


From: <a >Ready to Experience a 3D TV From Samsung- A Detailed Review of the Samsung 3D TELEVISION PROGRAMS</a>


by clefretle

Even though assumed cordless phones offer clients unparalleled freedom to talk from wherever you would like within your own house. With increasing numbers of people leaving hometowns and cities to be able to re locate elsewhere, it never been more essential in order to communicate with one another. A lot of us spend hours on the telephone per week and do not want to conduct telephone calls sat in the hallway stuck by the telephone, cordless phones offer clients the freedom to talk wherever they have been, in the bath, sat in the family room or preparing dinner in your kitchen. Having a cordless phone does mean that you’re much less inclined to miss a call as you could have the telephone at hand wherever you are.

Even though a lot of us have cell phones it may work-out cheaper if we make calls on our home phones, with many phone providers such as for example BT offering free landline calls at night. Yesteryear misconceptions of home phones being dated an dormant are now tested as clients search for the most affordable methods to communicate with one another.

Not just do cordless phones offer high quality basic functions however, many include integral new features, a number of which are typical between the cell phone market. In built address books permit you to developed a summary of contacts therefore eradicating the requirement to keep an individual written phone right back by the telephone all the time, this enhances the speed dial function making contacts simply one button push away. They provide advantages to a diverse selection of people, for instance having a sizable clear display causes it to be nearly impossible to dial the incorrect number again as you can plainly see that which you are dialing a you dial. Senior members of the general public think it is simpler to use cordless phones because of the fact they are able to see on screen what they have been doing and save yourself several essential numbers inside their home phone. Additionally you experience higher audio quality making calls an infinitely more pleasant experience- there’s nothing worse than having a phone conversation and never having the ability to hear your partner!

Might cordless phones permit two lines to be connected to exactly the same phone, this radically improves home based business costs as you could have a company line and a house line on a single phone.

If you are looking at buying cordless telephones why don’t you read the choice of BT cordless phones on line!


Article resource: <a >Don’t be restricted Order a Cordless Telephone</a>


by clefretle

Charter supports most kinds of modems. right back side of a modem image by timur1970 from Fotolia. comCharter provides high-speed Internet services to clients across america. A modem is needed to get a cable Internet signal. Charter offers the choice to rent a modem for a set monthly fee, but clients may also decide to purchase their very own modems. Charter says that their Online sites works together with most modems, however they mention Ubee, Motorola, NetGear and Cisco (formerly Scientific-Atlanta) as key manufacturers. Seek advice from Charter before investing in a modem to ensure they support it. Ubee Ubee offers a few Charter-compatible modems. One model, the DDW3611 DOCSIS 3. 0 cable modem coupled with a radio router, offers support for approximately 802. 11n wireless networks and it has enough bandwidth to aid the web needs for domiciles or companies. The DDW3611 supports upstream speeds over 120 Mbps and downstream increases to 300 Mbps. Security protocols supported by the DDW3611 include WPS, WPA/WPA2 and SPI Firewall. Ubee offers yet another type of a DOCSIS 3. 0 modem with no wireless router—the U10C035. This model supports IPv6, but has slightly slower speeds by having an upstream speed of 120 Mbps and a downstream speed of 160 Mbps. Dual-colored, constantly-lit Light emitting diodes help diagnose connectivity issues with the modem. Motorola Motorola create a SURFboard SB5101 cable modem that’s suitable for Charter. The SURFboard modem includes a front panel with indicator Light emitting diodes to highlight the connectivity status. The modem has Light emitting diodes to point power, standby, activity level, on line, receiving and sending activity. The SURFboard cable modem supports DOCSIS 2. 0 while offering an upstream speed of 30 Mbps. Cisco Cisco offers a number of cable modems and routers. One model, the DPC3000, meets what’s needed for DOCSIS 3. 0, but additionally offers compatibility for earlier versions back again to DOCSIS 1. 0. The DCP3000 supports as much as 64 users and it has upstream speeds of 120 Mbps and downstream speeds of 160 Mbps. The modem supplies a USB 2. 0 data port and may support multiple Ethernet hubs. Cisco makes yet another cable modem that supports VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol—- the DPC2607. This model offers support for digital voice services, as well as the conventional cable data services. The modem provides unlimited local and long-distance calls. The DCP2607 has most of the same features since the DPC3000, such as for example support for 64 users. Additionally, it has two lines to aid simultaneous data and voice usage.


Resource: <a >Charter Compatible Cable Modems</a>


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